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Life will bring many complications that are not easy to confront. Each individual, family, school or agency has it’s own unique story and it would be quite an arduous process to list all of the potential hurdles and roadblocks that people will face in their lifetime. This process becomes even more complex when we start to strategize how we are going to address these challenges and apply the personal attention that each of them are going to need. When we are forced to find the solutions to our struggles we will often seek help to navigate the next steps of our journey. Too many times we may reach out, and feel the answer is not there or that we are being led in the wrong direction.

The team at Gunzburg and Associates is dedicated to being the strong supportive assistance that people are looking for. Our team of mental health clinicians are comprised of clinical social workers, a licensed professional counselor, a clinical marriage and family therapist, and a clinical psychologist who are all keen to help individuals, families, mental health organizations, and schools develop personally tailored designs and strategies to optimally confront whatever the struggle may be.

The best word to represent each member of our team is genuine. The quality of each individual on our team is outstanding and once you have met one of them, you are likely to know that you have found the person/people who can and will assist you, your family, your school or organization in the way in which you had hoped for when you reached out for help.

Please see our services page and therapists page to gain more information about our specialties and experience.