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Life can be challenging. We confront these challenges as individuals, families, schools, and communities, and at each level we encounter roadblocks that prevent us from making forward progress. Our stories and our hurdles are unique, therefore, our problem solving processes and our attempts at strategy must be just as individualized. Sometimes, we need help to find solutions to navigate the next steps of our journey. When we are suffering, we need personalized solutions that produce timely results.

The collaborative team at Gunzburg and Associates provides the discerning support necessary in the complex landscape of contemporary society. Our diverse team of clinicians include clinical social workers, a licensed professional counselor, a clinical marriage and family therapist, a coach, and a clinical psychologist dedicated to personally tailored treatment and strategies that address a broad spectrum of concerns.

Please see our “Services” page and our “Therapists” page to gain more information about our specialties and experience.