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The ADHD Clinic at Gunzburg & Associates
Are you worried about your child having ADHD? Has the teacher expressed concerns to you? Does your child get anxious about school or have difficulty staying focused? Has someone suggested to get your child tested? Many families go through these worries and wonder about getting their child tested for attention challenges but are reluctant because of the cost and time involved.

The ADHD Clinic addresses this dilemma: we will work to identify the causes of your child’s challenges and determine whether he/she has ADHD without the additional costs and time of unnecessary testing. We streamline the process of diagnosing attention challenges without losing the integrity of the diagnosis.

The Clinic process takes a few hours from start to finish and includes an in-depth interview, a computer-based assessment in the initial session, and then a follow-up feedback session with a final report that identifies whether there are attention challenges and their cause as well as providing appropriate recommendations.

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