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Our associates have been developing curriculum and presenting for students in both independent and public schools throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area for well over ten years. Our services are aimed at serving students from the elementary or primary level to the secondary or high school level. All services are tailored to fit the school where we present. This is accomplished by having a thorough sit down consultation with the school staff prior to our arrival to decide what will be best for the school and what will be the best way to deliver the intended message to their students. Presentations, programs, and workshops will then be developed and altered to deliver the message to students, parents and/or teachers in the way that the school would like for these to be delivered.

  • What Happens After you Refer a Student for Neuropsychological Testing
  • How to Help Students Cope With Anxiety in Schools
  • Good Classroom Strategies for Learning Issues (Including ADHD)
  • Designing Effective Social/Emotional Programs for Your School
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Parents
  • Establishing Healthy Autonomy in Our Children
  • Anxiety: What’s Too Much pressure?
  • Setting Limits with Screens
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • ESC (Enhancing Social Community)
  • Anxiety and Common Coping Techniques
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Technology Etiquette – (Social media, texting, computer gaming etc)
  • Leadership and Mentor Programs
  • Social and Personal Development
  • Success – Dealing with Everyday Stress and Pressure